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Choosing the right builder
The building firm you choose will be spending several weeks, or even months, working in your home. You need to be confident both in their ability to do the work, and that you will have a good working relationship with them.


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If you desire to renovate your property then you have come to the right place. Lloyds Building of Ipswich Suffolk has the experience (and the evidence) to provide you with peace of mind for your building renovation in Suffolk or North Essex.

A building renovation has the capability of being both dramatic and sympathetic, sometimes simultaneously. As owners, you may have a quite detailed idea of what you want from your building renovation, or none at all but just know what you want from the renovation.


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In either case you may be unaware of how to achieve it. You will find that Lloyds Building are capable of both listening and suggesting, it may be that our knowledge can enhance your building renovation - helpful, sympathetic and courteous rather than overpowering.

For a building renovation to work a number of building criteria has to be met, not least safety. Lloyds Building are fully insured and can suggest and take an active part in the renovation or religiously follow your architects plans. We work with you not against you.

We are happy to provide a 'no obligations' initial consultation for free for your building renovation.

We have provided some pictorial evidence of building renovation in the form of 4 notebooks which are available below and we are happy to provide testimonials.

For a pictorial representation of a full building renovation, please select from below