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Choosing the right builder
The building firm you choose will be spending several weeks, or even months, working in your home. You need to be confident both in their ability to do the work, and that you will have a good working relationship with them.

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Garage Conversions

Garage conversionIf your car is never kept in the garage then the chances are that you are missing out on a whole load of 'unused' space. Consider a garage conversion.

A garage conversion can be many things to many people. We show here a garage conversion where the garage has been converted into a luxurious bedroom, complete with en-suite and easy access from outside for someone with limited abilities.

A garage conversion can equally provide a bedroom, a lounge, a playroom, a home office, a dining room as well as a gym. These are just some of the things that a garage conversion can offer.

It is also possible to convert a garage into two rooms, assuming the garage is large enough to offer this form of garage conversion. So your garge conversion might provide somewhere for the bikes as well as somewhere as an office/ laundry/pantry/bedroom etc.

Don't concern yourself with what happens to the plumbing, electrics, gas and other utilities, we take care of everything that you want us to (some people like to do the decorating themselves to save some pennies).

Llyods Building has done a fair few garage conversions, we've made suggestions and recommendations that have delighted. We like to be proactive but we will never overstep the mark. We are also happy to provide an initial 'no obligation' meeting for FREE.

Contact us now for your garage conversion.

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