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Most extensions of properties require approval under the Builsing Regulations.

Planning permission
may alos be required in respect of the work you are considering undertaking.

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A building extension can enhance your property. A building extension may give you a reason NOT to move. A building extension can genuinely change the quality of your life. If you live in Suffolk or North Essex and want an extension then you have been fortunate to come to this site.

Lloyds Building will not build an extension that devalues your property. It may surprise you that that an extension could devalue your property but if you have ever seen a poorly executed building extension you will understand. We have our reputation to consider.

We can build your extension, typically in 2 ways. The first is we meticulously follow your architects plans and the second is our Full Service Building Extension Plan, in which we draw up the plans and only commence building when agreement is reached. Other options exist betweeen these two. Our building extensions can range from a simple room, perhaps to provide a hall or an extra bedroom or two, right through to a virtual rebuild.

There is a recognised process in building an extension in Suffolk and North Essex. We are familiar with this process and can advise and assist in your 'journey' to completion.

We can enter the process of your building extension at any stage, e.g. prior to or post planning permission. We can assist in building your extension right down to the final lick of paint, and include gas, electricity, plumbing, plastering and carpentry etc; alternatively, in these financial difficult times, we can do only the work that you are either incapable of doing or choose not to have us do. We never lose sight of the fact that this is your extension.

In the majority of cases there is often room for improvement in any extension. If you give us permission we would be delighted, based on our experience, to suggest possible amendments. The chances are that you will not have been aware of the possibilities, which obviously you could always decline. We are reminded of one client who, for an increase of 10% on their initial budget ended up with something that was "twice as good". This enjoyable situation isn't always possible and, let's face it, if we can't suggest anything to your plans, then clearly you have the satisfaction of knowing you have an excellent extension. Our aim is to simply to make you our best sales person (by you telling other people of your satisfaction).

As ever, we are happy to provide an initial 'no obligations' meeting for FREE - so take advantage of the offer - it may be more generous than you realise.

Please contact us now for further details.

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